DUNGS is the interface between gas and safety. GenMar understands the complete range of technologies for controlling, metering and modulating of combustible gas and combustion air. We offer the complete range of hardware: From single valves to complete gas trains and from automatic burner controls to complete burner management systems. Internationally successful product families guarantee reliability, efficiency and user-friendliness that is proven around the world.

  • Supply of Gas Engine, Heat Process, and Heating Markets with the latest technological components and system solutions

  • Key knowledge of and experience with various applications worldwide

  • Production according to global application requirements for thermal heating, process heating, co generation, and reciprocating engines.

  • Dungs is an industry leader in pursuing and maintaining a wide range of international and regional safety listings and approvals.

  • Dungs drives innovations for safety and control engineering. This is why international standards are important to us. International standards secure high quality and support the international product development of our customers.

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