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Austart air starters provide the safest and most reliable engine starting solutions in the world.

Austart is synonymous with high quality manufacturing. 


With vast engineering experience, a history of supplying OEM customers and outlasting our competitors in the harshest of environments, you are assured that Austart will solve your engine starting objectives.

Put simply, whenever a diesel or gas fueled engine operates in or around hazardous fumes, air starters are the first must-have appointment to ensure a safe workplace. On top of this air start systems offer benefits over other starting options such as total reliability in the most extreme conditions and temperatures.


AUSTART air starters provide a safe and reliable alternative for starting diesel and gas engines.

Unlike electric starters that can create sparks and require expensive and sometimes unreliable batteries, air starters are powered by compressed (pneumatic) air, providing a completely safe and reliable source of power while completely eliminating all possibilities of electric ignition.

AUSTART air starters are guaranteed to produce a safe and reliable start with longevity.

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